history and modernity

Story of a long journey

The company was born in 1951 from the ingenuity and experience of its founder, Luigi Catterin.
The post-war years were years of great innovations and changes, also necessary in agriculture to give new impetus to crops and production.
Here is the intuition of Luigi Catterin, who designed and built a hand sprayer pump for agricultural use, to be applied on tanks, with a particular air compensator and a constant effort operating lever, which in 1953 earned him the award, by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, of the patent for industrial invention.
From that moment on, the production of diaphragm pumps for phytotherapeutic treatments in agriculture began and in the 1960s Luigi also involved his brothers Giorgio and Angelo in the business, founding Officine Meccaniche Fratelli Catterin.

In 1986 the brothers decided to diversify their production.
The same year Luigi founded a new company with his son Mario, meanwhile graduated in mechanical engineering, and together they decided to specialize in the production of piston-diaphragm pumping systems for feeding industrial filter presses, embracing that "green" technology which, in a context of mechanical dehydration of industrial sludge, it allows the recovery and reuse of water in production processes, while the sludge in many cases becomes a secondary raw material.